YR 47 Issue 1 2011
Vox Populi
“I believe the facilities need to be improved because some of them are already dilapidated and worn out. I also think that the Artlets uniform has to be changed because it does not well-represent the student body, the liberal spirit of Artlets, and the Faculty as a whole.”
- Glenn Ang, 1JRN2

“First is to change the uniform because it looks too simple and plain. Second is to construct additional classrooms in our building to accommodate the increasing number of students every year. Last is to remove the block system being imposed because I believe that students must be given the freedom to decide and to choose the units they will take.”
- Adrian R. Ocampo, 1HST

Ang dapat nating baguhin ay wala sa Fakultad mismo ngunit nasa pananaw ng mga
mag-aaral. Dapat baguhin ang pagtingin ng estudyante sa aplikasyon ng kaniyang natutunan sa loob ng silid-aralan. Ang problema kasi, nalilimutan na natin yung salitang
-Nathaniel De Leon, 3POL2

“I will change the facilities we have. Artlets students have been paying the right amount of tuition so I guess it is our right to demand facilities that are at par with the other colleges. Also, the availability of projectors, microphones, speakers, and other equipment should be prioritized because I believe that the supply is insufficient for the Artlets community.”
-Patricia Cruz, 3ECO2

“The best reform that the Artlets community can get is the imposition of frequent and genuine consultations on issues that affect students.”
-Rohj Mariano, 4CA1

“I think it will be best to give more emphasis on various activities like involvement and exposure to projects that will allow not only student leaders but every Artlets student to participate. I believe that community involvement and experience in different fields will greatly contribute in the learning process of students.”
-Mary Justine Clamar, 2CA4

“I will change the uniform because it has the simplest design as compared with the other uniforms in the University. The least we could do is to place the Artlets logo on our respective uniforms.”
-Paul Kennedy Lintag, 1JRN2

“If given the chance to suggest, the ever basic soap and tissue in our rest rooms should always
be made available.”
-Marlo Mendoza, 3BES2

“I will get rid of the Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras because they do not only hinder the existence of a free and healthy classroom discussion, but bar students as well to freely express themselves. I believe that this is a free country and the University administration need not to know every single move we make. We are young adults and we can decide on what to do without them watching over us.”
-Georgina Sagun, 1LM2

As the Faculty of Arts and Letters (Artlets) makes way for innovations, numerous policies and reforms continue to arise, aiming to improve its standards the best way possible. Over the years, a great deal of changes have been applied to its curriculum, facilities, and administration, but despite these reforms, a number of concerns remain unsettled.

In line with this, the Flame gathered the diverse opinion of the Artlets community to know what reforms they can suggest for a better Faculty.
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