releasing on a monthly basis but we were noti fi ed by the Faculty administrati on to limit our release into four issues per academic year.

The news, of course, saddened the publicati on. We initi ally took the directi ve as a form of restricti on to limit our responsibility to inform the Arts and Lett ers (Artlets) community. To express our dismay, we thought
of not releasing anything for the second semester, but aft er pondering and carefully assessing the situation, we were reminded of our responsibility to keep the Artlets community informed and updated on important issues.

Brought by this, the Editorial Board decided to release this final issue to maximize the total number of issues allotted to us by the administration. When the second semester began, we bargained to release Dapitan, the
Flame’s literary folio, to exhibit the literary contributi ons of students and veteran writers alike.

As for this last issue, we wanted to make it diff erent from the fi rst three issues we released so we decided to make a magazine that chronicles the events that happened from October to January. We also included University- wide celebrati ons to incorporate the closing of UST’s quadricentennial anniversary in this magazine special.

The same secti ons are featured in this issue, Scenes for News; Issues for Special Reports; Perspective for Opinion; Faces for Features; and Letters for Literary. Aside from this, we added another secti on that features
the diverse traditi on and multi -faceted customs of Artlets—the Culture secti on.

Lastly, in order to compensate for the regular issues we were supposed to release but were not allowed to do so, we increased the number of stories featured in our regular sections.

With all of the challenges we faced just to revive the publicati on, we remained true to our responsibility as campus journalists and valued work not because of the monetary allowance we get, but because of the fulfillment we acquire in chronicling events concerning the Faculty.

Reiterating what Persius said, he who endures eventually succeeds in his endeavors. Congratulations to the editorial staff of the
Flame ’11-‘12 for a job well done in reviving and preserving the honor of our publication.

Congratulations as well to my fellow seniors! May the lessons we learned in the walls of Santo Tomas aid us in all of our future endeavors.
YR 47 Issue 1 2011
Editor's Note       JENNIFER M.ORILLAZA, Editor in Chief
The above-menti oned Lati n phrase has an English translati on that says,“he conquers who endures.” Attributed to the Roman poet Persius, this remark says much about success as an off shoot of constant persistence and dedication.

With much conviction, I can say that this quote perfectly manifests what the
Flame has gone through this academic year. Aft er years of being in hiatus and becoming a yearender publicati on, the present staff managed to break this monotonous cycle and revivifi ed the publicati on with the issues we released.

I must admit, everything that happened this year was experimental in nature. Reviving the
Flame, which was then a fl icker from being extinguished, required testi ng the waters and taking all the risks in the midst of uncertainties.

During the fi rst semester, we released three consecuti ve issues for the months  of  July,  August, and September.  We     were supposed to continue
Year 47 |  Issue 3 |  2011
“Vincit Qui Patitur”
Year 47 |  Issue 4 |  2012