the Quadricentennial week came. Exhausti on took over me during those events, and I kept on telling myself, “Ardi, nag-promise ka sa sarili mong ‘di ka susuko.” I acted like a slave because I believed that capturing such historic moments with my camera was the rightful thing to do

Then the present academic year came and I was off ered the editorship for the photography secti on. I planned to reject the off er, thinking that senior year would be harder and I was afraid that I might not meet the publication’s standards. But despite such apprehensions, my dedication to the craft and willingness to serve took over me as I accepted the offer.

Flame taught me to appreciate and to love my own work. I must admit, it was this publicati on that made me feel worthy as a budding photographer. It even taught me the real meaning of “sacrifice” by means of cutting classes and leaving my thesis mates during discussions just to cover events. It helped me extend my dreams and make them happen. It was through this organizati on that I regained the confidence I have been lacking for so long.

Of my four-year stay at the University, I was able to gain experiences that I will never forget, no matter how unfortunate they may seem. The experiences and the people whom I encountered will never be forgott en for they have become a remarkable part of my journey.

To God, I dedicate to you everything I have achieved. All of the things that happened to me were all because of you. You are my savior and my strength whenever I feel alone and helpless. I will always be grateful for the instant answers you give my requests. I will always trust everything in you.

To my parents, Ricardo and Estela, my sister, Ardielle, and my brother, Simon, a column is not enough to express my gratitude to you. Your support is my strength and my love for you will always be unconditional.

To my second family, Journalism2, you have witnessed me go through the many ups and downs of my journey. I am thankful for all of the memories we shared. The happiness I found in our block will never be forgotten.

To my thesis mates Cam, Irish, and Lyka, I am so proud with the friendship we share for it shines stronger in our toughest days. It is because of this friendship that we were able to surpass the challenges that came our way, and I just cannot help but hope that it will remain as we face the professional life ahead.

To my professors who inspired me to do bett er, Sir Jeremiah Opiniano, Ma’am Jannis Montañez, Ma’am Cielo Perez, Sir Ralph Galan, and Sir Nestor Cuartero, I will always be thankful for having great mentors like you.

To my beloved photographers, Chino, Miko, Dan, Mae, Arkon, Zhea, Julia, Bene, and Eddxer, it is an honor to work with you. I want to apologize for being rough at ti mes. I am proud to have a team like ours for we were able to supply the needed photos in all of the issues the
Flame released this academic year.

To my juniors who will remain, it is now up to you to keep the fi re burning. Never forget that being a photographer of the
Flame is not only an extracurricular acti vity, but a way to ignite your passion and to inspire others. Stay humble and always remember that you will never become successful without accepting your imperfections.

To my co-editors, Jenn, Nickky, Marian, Cam, Azer, Eli, Sue, and Angel, keeping this publication alive was not as easy as it seemed. Jenn, your unending “
pangungulit” served as an inspiration to each one of us. I am thankful that you molded the members of the Flame professionally, preparing each one of us to the possible demands of the big league ahead.

To our junior members, I wish that you will not just continue what we have started, but even surpass what we have done to make the
Flame burn even brighter. I wish you all the best. To the future editor in chief, may you conti nue the glory of this publicati on; love it, and never let its fire run out.

To the man who never fails to make me happy when I feel so ti red, you have always been by my side whenever I get overwhelmed by stress and pressure. I truly appreciate your effort and patience in controlling my temper. Thank you.

To all the members of this publicati on, we were able to make memories that will always occupy a special place in our hearts—Jenn’s weird laugh, Nickky’s large owl earrings, Eli’s planking proposal, the dancing Flames, and love teams—these are memories that I only experienced at the
Flame. Needless to say, I became att ached and even fell in love with them.

My everyday life as an Artlets student changed because of this publicati on. I refrain from calling this a farewell column for I do not intend to completely say goodbye. Graduati on is only a ceremony that signifies one’s academic accomplishments, but it does not entail leaving the relati onships you formed all along.

To all those whom I have met in my four-year journey in the walls of Santo Tomas, thank you! I am truly proud of you.
YR 47 Issue 1 2011
The Juxtaposed    ARDIGAIL C. SARANGELO, Photography Editor
A wallflower’s reminiscences
AS I LOOKED into the photos I took for the Flame, I realized that working for this publicati on was a dream that came true for me. With all of the struggles I encountered just to meet deadlines and cover events, I can say that this publicati on taught me not only to improve my skills, but to trust myself in facing challenges as well.

I must admit that I joined several organizati ons in college to test myself. Unfortunately, I just ended up quitti ng due to lack of confi dence. Honestly speaking, I felt like a wallfl ower in our block—always quiet, sleepy, and very passive—unti l I saw photos from the Varsitarian, the University’s offi cial student publicati on, and got reminded of my real passion— taking photographs.

I decided to apply as a photographer for the
Flame diffidently after seeing other applicants way bett er than me. Surprisingly, I passed the qualifying examinati on. From that day, I promised myself not to quit again and to dedicate everything to God and to this University..

The job as  a   photographe r tested my sincerity  when Paskuhan 2010 and
Year 47 |  Issue 3 |  2011
Year 47 |  Issue 4 |  2012