YR 47 Issue 1 2011
Journalism seniors win in national thesis tilt
SENIOR Journalism students from the Faculty of Arts and Letters (Artlets) won in the National Communication Research Conference (NCRC) held at the University of the Philippines-Diliman (UP-D), defeating communication researches from other universities last January 13.

Lou Mariz Abadilla, Mery Rose Ajero, Mary Janine Baban, and Carissa Caraig bagged the best paper presentation award with their thesis “
Rhetoric of Radio: The Language of AM radio news and its implication in the structural journalism approach of radio journalism” under the category “Keeping Up with Evolutionary Media.”

“I feel so blessed and happy. We are all happy because the honor is not just for our group but for UST as well,” Abadilla said. According to Jeremaiah Opiniano, thesis coordinator of the Artlets Journalism program and coach of the winning team, there were four undergraduate teams from UST that competed in the national tilt.

“Thesis writing is something that not many people want to do even if they are forced to, simply because it is difficult. Competitions like NCRC encourage students to write thesis not just for the sake of passing the course,” Opiniano said.

He added that before the competition, the UST teams were worried about contending against the other participating schools.

“We felt anxious at the start of the competition because UP is the one offering Communication Research in the undergraduate level and they have faculty members who specialize in research. We were surprised that the entries of the undergraduate and graduate teams from UST won,” he said. “Right then we realized that even though munication, we are at par with UP,” he added.

Graduate School student Susan Jo bagged the best paper award for her study entitled “
The ‘Evolving Self’ in the Narratives of Recording Addicts: A Journey to Symbolic Interactionism” under the category “Community Communication: Communication that originates from, circulates in, and reasons with communities,” while another Graduate School student, Sherelle Mainica Perez, bagged the best paper presentation award for her research “Free and fearless:

The online disinhibition effect in blogs and social networks
” under the category “Transformative Media: To transform and be transformed by the media.

Other undergraduate theses of journalism seniors that were included in the tilt were “
Relationship Between News Browsing and News Selecting to Readers’ Level of News Literacy” by Gerardine Anne Lucero, Isabella Angelica Millanes, Maricar Mojica, and Jessamine Ver; “Re-evaluating newsworthiness in the age of Tweeting: A content analysis of online news stories with tweets” by Hahyun Chang, Nichole Cruz, Charmaine de Lazo, Abbijah Dulnuan, and Inkyoung Hwang; and “Provincial newspaper reportage and collective identity: A content analysis on the contributions of the Bohol Chronicle in the formation of the Boholano identity” by Pamela Cabrera, Alyssa Ashley Cruz, Peevi Jannsen Juan, Alexandra Marie Saclao, and Maiqui Rome Sta. Ana.

The NCRC aims to develop the students’ research writing and presentation skills, to promote awareness about the importance of communication research; to share the findings of student researches with other communication and media students, teachers, and practitioners nationwide; and to provide a venue for students to have a national network among themselves and professionals.
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