YR 47 Issue 1 2011
THE ADMINISTRATION of the Faculty of Arts and Letters (Artlets) banned a sophomore class from borrowing equipment utilized for classroom discussions due to the latter’s irresponsible handling in one of their classes this semester.

Section 2 Political Science 2 was prohibited from borrowing laptops, projectors, and other pieces of equipment after they “failed to return the laptop they borrowed from the office, and was found about to fall from the podium where it was placed,” Faculty Secretary Cresencio Doma said.

Doma said the incident commonly occurs in the Faculty, urging him to share the matter with Artlets Dean Michael Anthony Vasco.

“Actually, this incident is quite common. Students borrow equipment from the office for their classroom [activities], but oftentimes, they fail to return it. So when I shared the matter to the Dean, he said students should learn from the incident,” he said.

Doma added that a “strong and concrete” action should be done to serve as an example for other students not to repeat the same mistake.

“A strong and concrete action should be done so it will not be repeated and so that other students will learn from it,” he said.

Due to this, Doma, had a dialogue with the section and discussed options to resolve the problem. “The class understands that such decision of the Dean is just a response to their failure to take care of the equipment,” he said.

After the dialogue, the class filed a petition signed by all of its members for the Dean to lift the ban, but it was turned down.

A student who refused to be named commented on the sanction imposed to them and said it was too heavy for the offense they committed.

“I know this ban is meant to teach us a lesson, but should education come at the expense of education?” the student said. The section is banned from borrowing equipment for the rest of the semester.

Admin bans class from borrowing equipment                                                                        
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