Mr. Bes, Ms. Pol Sci win Insignia 2011       
“The disqualification issue of Insignia Joliv Catiis does not dethrone her from being the representation of life, love, lore, brimming full, neither gives disregard to the rights of the runnerups to represent the Insignia winners in special cases,” the ABSC said in its manifesto on the issue.

Other awardees include Royd Vicente (Journalism) as the male first runner-up; John Andrew del Prado and Reyra Delos Reyes (Literature) as the male and female second runners-up; and Kevin Antonio (Communication Arts) and Patricia Cruz (Economics) as male and female third runners-up.

During the awards night, the candidates strutted out the runway on different sets of clothing categorized into Black and White Glam, Festival Wear, and Evening Gowns. They also modeled casual clothing by sponsor Hang-Ten and donned the creations of Drei Soriano and Veejay Floresca.

Change of name

The ABSC gave the Artlets pageant a new face this year as it renamed it “Insignia”, a Latin term that means epitome or emblem. This will be the permanent title of the Artlets pageant under different themes for the coming years. “It is the meeting of new and old, of tradition and modernization,” ABSC President Julius Fernandez said.

The candidates of each Artlets major were selected through their respective pageants and were tested not only in beauty but also in intelligence and talent, with ethics and character alongside.

“We (ABSC) scratched the typical pageant and inserted a different idea which is high fashion inside a pageant,” ABSC Vice President for External Affairs Rhodel Sazon said.
Year 47 |  Issue 3 |  2011
Year 47 |  Issue 4 |  2012
THE EPITOME of an Arts and Letters (Artlets) personality does not settle for looks alone, but the entire package of wits, intelligence, and character as well.

This premise was justified as Behavioral Science freshman Mark de Sequera and Political Science senior Joliv Catiis were hailed as this year’s Mr. and Ms. Artlets after besting other participants in Insignia: The 2Q11 Search for the Epitomes of Artlet Beauty held last November 25 at the Plaza Mayor.

Catiis was supposed to represent the Faculty together with De Sequera in the annual Search for the Ideal Thomasian Personality set on February this year, but the Artlets Student Council (ABSC) was later informed by the Student Organizations Coordinating Council (SOCC) that she was disqualified for failing to meet the heightrequirement of the University-wide pageant.

Because of this disqualification, the ABSC decided to send first runnerup Angelica TIngcungco of the Communication Arts program to represent the Faculty.