YR 47 Issue 1 2011
English Language Studies to establish own society
THE PIONEERING batch of English Language Studies (ELS) students are in the process of establishing their own society in time for the next academic year.

In a series of meetings last November, ELS students expressed their intention to establish their own academic society for them to be at par with other Arts and Letters (Artlets) programs who have their own academic groups.

Initially, the ELS was classified under the Journalism Society, but UST Department of English Chairperson Marilu Madrunio encouraged the class to come up with their own group.

The establishment of the ELS society aims to cater to the needs of ELS students and to enrich their full potential in using the English language. Among their proposed projects is the offering of tutorial programs concerning literature appreciation and proper English usage.

“Basically, the society will be established to foster growth among ELS students as they bring out the best in each other through authentic leadership, broader understanding, and unity as a class,” Madrunio said.

The society also aims to give assistance to Artlets students in unleashing their potentials and creativity in what they consider as a second language.
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